Terms of use

  1. Accounts

    One account for each.
    Multiple accounts are unwanted and will be deleted if they strike us.
    Disposable email addresses are prohibited. Whoever registers with them will be deleted.

    It must be given a correct date of birth.
    However, it does not have to be visible.
    Anyone who enters an obviously incorrect date must expect a lock.
    This serves the protection of minors, which is capitalized here.


    For the "role playing" multiple accounts may be established.
    However, it must exist a normal account. The accounts for role playing games must be reported to the Administration. These are then inserted in the appropriate user group.
  2. Rules

    The registration and use of the website All About Sims is completely free. However, you must agree with the rules mentioned below. To register a valid e-mail address must be used. Disposable addresses are not accepted! If a registration is done with disposable address, we reserve the right without comment deletion of the account.
    The indication of age is required. Can also be seen only by administrators, as well as the e-mail address. Furthermore, inappropriate user names are undesirable. Again threatening blockage or deletion.
  3. Contributions

    The administrators and moderators of the site All About Sims try to keep unwanted files from this website, but it is impossible to check all the posts. All posts express only the views of the authors themselves. The owner of the site All About Sims and WoltLab GmbH (developers of the software used) can not be held responsible for the contents of individual posts.
  4. Violation

    By registering, you agree, that you not post messages that are vulgar, offensive, propaganda, abuse (extreme) political views or (verbal) law offenses.
  5. Our downloads

    Our downloads are beta versions and can be downloaded for free and used at your own risk. We assume no responsibility for any damage caused thereby. We check our properties through its paces and use these myself. Nevertheless, errors can occur that may have been overlooked. If you find such an error, report these to us for repair. Discomfort in other forums are senseless and libelous and possibly criminal prosecution.

    For designers, the following rules apply:
    The rights of use are transferred indefinitely. The copyright is not affected.
    A cancellation can be applied for in individual cases in writing and will then be carried out for an allowance of between 50, - € and 100, - € depending on the scope.
  6. Access to Filebase

    The Filebase will be opened to donors who transfer at least € 5 per year through the donation system to the Forum.
    The proceeds will be used to cover the costs of the server and software, and the surplus will flow into events for the forum. For example, for winnings of competitions, or the like.
  7. Gallery

    You can use images to the image gallery for your Sims. Here this may 1920 x 1080 (1 MB) in size and you are allowed to link the images in other forums. This is a special service from us set us apart from other forums.

    Please make sure that the images are assigned to the correct categories.