Another new house

      Another new house

      I will post screen shots sometime within the next few days, the house is complete and will be available for download when I make the official post. The lot is 50x50, the costs:


      Furnished: 202,046
      Unfurnished: 123913

      It is a 2 story house with 4 bedrooms, 2 full bath, living room, dining room, family room, study, kitchen, laundry room, and in the backyard there is a pool and trampoline, there is also a 2 car garage.

      If any of you are members of FaceBook, please go to this page: and join up, I made this for those who are in all areas of building lots for Sims 3, there are screen shots there (I want better ones for here) and also a download link. There IS CC, all comes from TSR and I have posted a list image as well.

      The whole first floor is furnished and partially decorated, the second floor only the bathrooms and laundry are decorated, I left that for you to do .. hehe.. I'm getting lazy in my old age...... :P

      :D :D :D