Camera No Drift Mod

      Camera No Drift Mod

      I have tried several different mods for the Camera No Drift and had problems with all of them. When I try to move the camera it was not smooth and did not allow me to look upwards easily like when I am trying to do the ceiling.

      I did a web search today and came across this one:

      BrntWaffles_ShimrodCamera155_Lowlevel_Drift_Edit (with shimrod’s original drift, it has a nice softer edge)

      It runs so much smoother and gives me the option to zoom in real close and also allows me to look upwards with enough view, I really like this one. I thought I would post a link here in case anyone wished to try and see if it works better than the one you have. :)

      There is 2 on this site, I used the one that is named like what I wrote above:…of-shimrods-camera-mod-to