simslice Member Search. Please Help Me?

      simslice Member Search. Please Help Me?

      Good Morning Every Body at All About Sims,

      I hope you are well & that you all had a wonderful Christmas.

      I know you have already done so much for me & I really am very greatful. I subscribed to on 23rd November 2015 I got an E-Mail from Paypal to confirm my purchase but when I tried to Login I was denied access.So the 24th November 2015 I sent the first E-Mail to simslice staff with No response I proceded with Two more E-Mails within a week. Still no response from simslice staff so I procedded with a Refund Case with Paypal.

      With all my Evidance Paypal voted in my favour & rewarded me a full refund. So what I am asking for if there is anyone on All About Sims who is a member of simslice. If so would someone be so very kind to download Classic Motorcycles & Vintage Pumps! for The Sims 3 & send the files to my E-Mail address. I will give out my E-Mail address via PM to the very kind Person who is whillng to help me.

      Also as Payment I am willing to let the person who is whilling to help me have a pick of as many downloads from my Sims 3 Download list which consists of over 35 pages & a total of over 300 Sims 3 Downloads

      I really look forward to your response

      Very Kind & Very Best Regards


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