I would be grateful if someone would help me with my request

      I would be grateful if someone would help me with my request

      Hello Everyone, I hope you are well?

      I was just wondering if anyone would be able to have a look at my VINTAGE E-J-Riley Snooker Scoreboard Request Please Help Me? & maybe help me build it. I would be very grateful. I would also really like to hear from you via PM or via my post.

      Very Kind & Very Best Regards


      You have to necessarily learn something.
      It is patience.

      You know, people here do that as a hobby.

      There is neither a time clock, nor will wages paid.
      So the real life comes first.

      This applies to all.

      The people are not waiting for your desires.

      You must wait for a reply!

      This can sometimes take some time.
      People get sick, or have other problems.
      Please do not forget that.

      The only thing that can be reached by demand, is that people become angry and annoyed. Of course, this also sink the chances that someone takes over the work.

      Create a mesh often takes several hours. Until a new object completed, may even take several days.

      Harry Potter is unfortunately not working for us.
      Thank you Leo,

      I am very very sorry I know it was wrong of me to post such a stupid thing like I did. I really hope I did not offend or anger anyone. I know everyone on hear dose what they do for the love of it & the love of The Sims & I really really do appreciate everything all of you do for us that are unable to do this sort of thing & for all the help & assistance you give us all.

      I hope you can all forgive me as I have learned my lesson & know what such an awful thing I did. I love this site so much & would hate if I ever lost you all.


      Very Kind & Very Best Regards